Explore The 8 Best Sustainable Watches: A Complete Guide

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In today’s age of conscious consumers, many feel the need to update their wardrobes to be more eco-friendly. As such, the demand for products made of ethically and renewably sourced materials has skyrocketed. Companies now know they need to respond to consumer demands and go green. The watch industry is no different. Although not all brands take part in this revolution, there are still plenty of great sustainable watches out there. You also do not need to sacrifice quality or looks. Join us as we look through some of the best.

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Why Choose Sustainable Watches?

Choosing an eco-friendly wristwatch is more than a fashion statement. It’s a self-made decision to take a small step towards bettering the planet. Watches should reflect your own personality and lifestyle. A sporty and casual person may want a sporty and casual watch. Someone who likes to dress up formally may want a dress watch. It’s the same deal with sustainable watches. We don’t believe in forcing your fashion sense onto others. What we do believe is buying what you like.

If you do consider yourself someone who cares about the environmental movement, then the watches in this guide are for you. Admittedly, just buying a certain watch is not going to save the planet. The point is to take that small, yet meaningful, step towards sustainability in fashion and let brands know what you want. The point is to buy a watch that not only looks good, but also makes you feel happy to wear. If you have that, then who cares what others think?

Citizen Eco-Drive Line

One way to reduce a watch’s environmental impact is to power it using renewable energy sources. Citizen is a pioneer at this. Their innovative Eco-Drive line harnesses the power of light to keep the watch running. This includes both sunlight and artificial light. As a result, Citizen’s Eco-Drive watches last a very, very long time without ever needing a battery replacement. This eliminates the waste of throwing out batteries. In addition to the eco benefits, this also means you don’t have to worry about the watch dying on you. As long as it gets some light, it will continue to tell time and serve your wrist well.

The Eco-Drive series is vast, so there is bound to be a model out there that suits you. We have chosen two beautiful examples to show. The first is a Casual Garrison model with a nylon strap. This is a sporty and casual watch that is great for daily and outdoors wearing. The second is a Weekender Chronograph piece in stainless steel. This is another sporty piece, but with more going on. It comes with a chronograph (stopwatch) complication as well as a tachymeter on the bezel. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be left satisfied. We think the Weekender takes a slight edge because of its intricacies and craftsmanship.

Sustainable Watches from Timex

Timex offers a wide range of watches that are made with sustainably sourced materials. For example, the Reclaim Ocean model uses plastics that were collected from coastlines. Instead of allowing these plastics to end up in the ocean, Timex repurposes them to make a stylish watch. The end result is a lightweight and durable material. The overall design of this model is similar to the famous Weekender series. However, this one has some design elements that make it special. The specks of color throughout the case give the watch a vibrant pop. It also has a date display for added functionality as well as Timex’s INDIGLO backlight.

Another Timex model with the same goal in mind is the Portside 43mm. Timex says this watch has nautical and military influence, and it’s easy to see that’s true. This watch has a resin type strap that is made with wheat fiber. It has a colorful rotating bezel and large, unique watch hands to point to the time. The black dial has luminous markers for easy reading. All this combines to make a sort of casual and light-hearted watch with a serious commitment to the environment. The 100 meter water resistance shows that quality was not sacrificed as a result of the bio materials. Click here to see even more green options from Timex.

Swatch BIOCERAMIC Watches

Next up, we have Swatch. Swatch is a Swiss watchmaker part of the Swatch group, made up of legendary watch brands. It stands for “Second Watch” since Swatches are made for daily and carefree wearing. This means they are durable and casual. Swatch’s BIOCERAMIC material is a mix of ceramic and bio materials that are expertly blended to create a super lightweight and tough material. The first example is of a Big Bold model with an ultra minimalist face. It is available in various colors. As a result of its simplicity, this watch is great for any occasion.

The Night Trip model is more suited for those who want something less plain. The see through case allows you to see all the intricate inner parts that work together to tell you the time. It also adds to this watch’s sense of quirkiness and individualism. This line is also offered with your choice of bold color patterns. These models have a 47mm case size which is considered large, but the proportions still work really well for most people. The light weight makes it comfortable to wear all day. We strongly recommend you give Swatch a try. They have many satisfied customers.

Nixon Sentry Solar

Nixon is another large watch brand that has some sustainable watches in their vast lineup. Like the Eco-Drive, the Solar Sentry runs on light. It features a day/date display in the simple and no-nonsense dial. The Sentry Solar we have shown here is in stainless steel. With an accurate Japanese quartz movement, this is a reliable and competent watch. It doesn’t stand out for anything, but it also doesn’t fail at anything either. It’s the safe option, which many people prefer.

Mondaine Essence SBB Design

Last but not least, Mondaine is a heritage Swiss watchmaker with a dedication to helping the planet. They build sustainable watches with eco-friendly materials like recycled packaging and castor oil. To pair, Mondaine has fitted this watch with their famous SBB dial. This dial mimics the clocks that can be found all over the Swiss railway network. Not only is it easy to read; you also get to wear an interesting piece of Swiss history on your wrist.

Conclusion to Our Sustainable Watches Guide

Ultimately, sustainable watches are about buying a product whose values you personally align with. Slowly but surely, it is possible for us to get to a point where we do not waste valuable resources just to look good. What these watches show us is that we can combine good quality, beautiful designs, and sustainable materials in a single affordable timepiece. It’s all about taking that first step.


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